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Ways to get rid of ants permanently

 Many suffer from the presence of ants in the house, especially in the summer, ants begin to spread in

Ways to get rid of ants permanently

all parts of the house, which leads to feelings of discomfort, and from here on a free news site, we offer you, dear, ways to get rid of ants permanently in an easy and inexpensive way.

Reasons for the presence of ants in the house:

Weather: Experts confirmed that hot and humid weather causes the presence of ants in the house, especially in August and September.

Wet places: Ants prefer places with high humidity, such as wood, bathroom, water faucet, tanks, pipes.

Food leftovers: Ants are present in the house in order to search for food, and when they find leftovers, a large number of ants come to carry the remains to the nest.

Cracks: When cracks occur in walls, windows, or doors, it is easy for ants to enter the house.

Natural ways to get rid of ants

Use of white vinegar:


  1. Vinegar cup.
  2. amount of water.

      How to prepare:

  Vinegar is one of the effective ways to eliminate ants permanently, as ants do not like the smell of vinegar. Water is mixed with vinegar and then used to wipe floors and wood, and where ants are present, but it should not be used on granite and marble.

Ways to get rid of ants permanently

Use of tea tree oil


  1.  10 drops of tea tree oil.
  2.  2 cups of water.
  3. Pieces of cotton.

How to prepare:

 Drops of tea tree oil are added to the water, then placed in a bowl, then cotton is placed in the mixture, used to wipe areas where ants are present, as the strong smell of tea tree oil helps prevent the presence of ants in the house.

 Salt use:


 A large amount of salt + 1 cup of water.

·       How to prepare:

 The water is boiled, then a large amount of salt is added, it is left until it dissolves, then it is placed in a bottle, and it is used to spray in places where ants are located until the disappearance of ants from the house is noticed.

 the use of cloves


 Amount of cloves.

amount of cinnamon.

  How to prepare:

Grind cloves and cinnamon together until they become like powder, you will notice that the smell of the mixture is strong. This is normal, as it helps to expel ants easily from the house.

Soap use:


  1. 1 bar of soap.
  2. ½ cup water.

 How to prepare:

 Soap is grated, then two tablespoons are taken from it or shampoo is placed on the water and then placed in a bottle, spraying is done in the places where ants are present.


  1.  ½ cup of apple cider vinegar.
  2. 4 cups of water.

  How to prepare:

An amount of apple cider vinegar is added to the water and then mixed together well. It is placed in a bottle. It is sprayed on the ant areas and then wiped after spraying with a cloth dampened with water only.

Use of chili:

 Black pepper and hot pepper work to remove ants from the house by spraying a small amount of it in the place where the ants are, or making a bottle in which a quantity of water is placed with pepper, and the floor and surfaces are sprayed with it.

 Alcohol use:

 Alcohol is mixed with water and then placed in a bottle, which is sprayed throughout the house in order to disinfect and eliminate ants.

Tips to get rid of ants permanently:

Windows, doors and cracks in the wall must be closed.

Do not leave garbage for a long time in the kitchen, get rid of it immediately and then wash the garbage basket well.

Sugars and sweets are placed in closed cans or wrapped with plastic wrap.

Clean the floor and surfaces regularly, in addition to using the recipes that were mentioned.

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