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The founder of the American Blackwater offers Ukraine big deals

The founder of the American "Blackwater" offers Ukraine big deals
 The British "Time" magazine indicated that the founding father of the American military company
"Blackwater" Eric Prince, offered large-scale defense deals to Ukraine.

"Time", citing several sources and documents, confirmed that "one of the proposals was to make a replacement private military company that might recruit military personnel from among the veterans of the continued war in eastern Ukraine, and another agreement was to determine a replacement ammunition factory in Ukraine, The third proposal was to strengthen Ukraine's leadership of aviation and aerospace companies to compete with companies like Boeing and Airbus," consistent with the magazine.

Prince is seen as an in depth person of former US President Donald Trump, who appointed Prince Betsy DeVos's sister as Secretary of Education within the us .

Blackwater is that the largest private security company employed by the Americans in Iraq, and this was amid a powerful scandal for the corporate , where its members were accused of killing civilians in Baghdad, until the judiciary acquitted them.

In the details of the incident that occurred in 2007 in Baghdad, company personnel shot 17 Iraqi civilians to death as a results of gunfire as a US diplomatic convoy escorted by members of "Blackwater" passed.

At that point , the Blackwater elements declared their innocence of the indictment against them, but a sixth colleague of them pleaded guilty in December of an equivalent year.

Witnesses reported at the time, that "Blackwater elements opened fire on civilians without being attacked," while the corporate confirmed that "its members opened fire in self-defense."

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